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Public Relations and Publicity

Presentation of the Department

Today, at the ever-evolving business environment, communication which is of strategic importance for business as it provides be successful in maintaining their existence at the same time gaining the competitiveness to businesses are becoming a privileged function. In this sense, Public Relations and Publicity program was established with the purpose of to satisfy the need for skilled labor of businesses in the field of communication. Public relations and publicity program is a two-year higher education program to train skilled labor who has theoretical knowledge at the same time have gained practical experience to carry out corporate communication, public relations, publicity and advertising activities of organizations which operates in public and private sectors.

Objectives of the Depertmant

Our goal is to train professionals who is a high sense of social responsibility, respect for professional ethics, knows the basics of the communication, public relations, publicity and advertising, has the teoritical knowledge to understand, assessment and help to sectoral problems, ability to use effectively verbal, written, and visual communication tools and methods; to content prduction; to design media; to plan and carry out the communication campaign.

Entry Requirements and Depertmant Capacity

Current vocational and technical secondary-education institutions and vocational higher education students who pass the university entrance examination organized by the Student Selection and Placement (ÖSYM), and who have the acquired documents and proof can be accepted to our university. 

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from this program students must to take all of the courses and must be successful in these courses and to have a minimum CGPA requirement as stated in Pamukkale University’s associate program guide.

Business Facilities 

Graduates have job opportunities in public relations, advertising, corporate communications and marketing communications departments of many organizations operating in various areas. Also they can work at media, advertising and public relations agencies. 

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Students can do an internship in public institutions and businesses which have department of public relations, publicity, advertising or marketing. Also they can do their internship in Public Relations Agency or Advertising Agecy, in media and the consulting firms that operate in the field of communication.