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Marketing and Advertising Department

Presentation of the Department

Marketing Program is a 2-year-program and the medium of instruction is in Turkish. The program has been prepared according to the criteria that target sectors have requested.

Objectives of the Depertmant

The main aim of the marketing program is to meet the needs of marketing and sales departments of public and private sector enterprises. As a result of training in this program students will gain the basic qualifications of product, price, distribution, branding, target market analysis, marketing research, advertisement and international marketing.

Entry Requirements and Depertmant Capacity

Students must get adequate grades from the ÖSYM (Student Selection and Placement Exam) exam determined by the Higher Education Council.

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to successfully complete all compulsory and elective courses in the curriculum with no failing grades, including compulsory internship trainings and summer practices, and have a minimum CGPA requirement as stated in Pamukkale University’s associate program guide. 

Business Facilities

Graduates can work both in public and private sectors as marketing labor.

Course Content [Detail]


The purpose of internship is for students to strengthen the sector by applying decision-making skills, knowledge and skills acquired through training in the workplace, to develop and to gain experience in their fields. Students whose curriculums have compulsory work experience  can complete their internship programs of their choice in the relevant departments after they have been approved by the board.