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Human Resources Department

Presentation of the Department

Human Resources Management Program aims of raising awareness in individuals of developing changes in the industry, while qualifying and equipping them with the necessary knowledge and business ethics to ensure sustainable development in their careers.

Objectives of the Depertmant

This Program aims to educate individuals who can take the required responsibilities in the department of human resources. Our HR programme has the conscious that HR department is a strategical part of business firm rather than a unity which fuilfills daily activities. It aims to train HR coordinators and experts who are capable of managing the change, innovative, dynamic, endowed with professional knowledge and skills, who have sufficient knowledge of foreign language, have sense of responsibility decency , who intend to improve herself as required by 21th Century conditions

Entry Requirements and Depertmant Capacity

The admissions of students to the programs are determined by the Student Selection and Placement Center (OSYM – University entrance exam) in accordance with the the regulations of Higher Education Council (HEC).

Graduation Requirements

An associate degree is given to the students who have successfully completed all the courses with 120 ETCS in the field of Human Resource Management.

Business Facilities

The Department of Human Resourses Management prepares its students for a wide range of job opportunities in terms of employment facilities, individual interests and preferences. Our graduates may find job opportunities in a variety of fields such as private sector and public sector. For example:


  • Career Planning Companies
  • Unions
  • State Planning Organization
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Security
  • Institute of State Statistics



Our students can do an internship at The Department of Human Resourses Management in all public institutions /organizations and the private sector.