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Foreign Trade Depertmant

Presentation of the Department

Economics, law, accounting, foreign trade subjects are thought in this program. There are application activities and theoretical lesson in the program. The education period is four semesters

Objectives of the Depertmant

This program aims to contribute to the education and training of professionals in order to supply an intermediate work force for the sectors which are interested in foreign trade, considering the needs and the characteristics of them. Graduates of this program have a chance to be employed by public and private sector corporations in their export and import departments and at foreign exchange departments of financial institutions, such as banks. Graduates can also act as individual entrepreneurs by e- trading

Entry Requirements and Depertmant Capacity

To have high school certificate and get enough points from a university entrance exam (OSYM).

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to successfully complete all compulsory and elective courses in the curriculum with no failing grades, including compulsory internship trainings and summer practices, and have a minimum CGPA requirement as stated in Pamukkale University’s associate program guide.

Business Facilities

Graduate can start work at export-import departments in the private sector, at a trade branch which is necessary foreign trade in public sector, in custom and custom brokerage, at banks in the foreign exchange department, at logistics firms and can create job possibilities by e-trade.

Course Content [Detail]


Students  have to get successful point from intership  training each year.