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Finance-Banking and Insurance Department

Presentation of the Department

Finance, banking and insurance sectors are very important and open to development.

For that reason our programme is very important. But regarding advances in technology related to the global economic investment and the scope of Turkey's EU membership, Turkey has a lot of vacancies for the banking and Insurance sector. Legal regulations are not only enough to be able to fill these vacancies and to be able to reach the level of the western countries.

In addition to legal regulations, this programme aims to follow the recent technologies in this area and to employ authorized personnel, who are educated and specialized in Banking and Insurance. Banking and Insurance programme aims to train staff who can follow rapid changes in the financial and insurance sector, who knows about the development of new financial instruments, the new banking and insurance products, financial institutions and the applications of new techniques, especially to train staff who have intermediate knowledge of financial technology and who have the ability of analytical thinking and to be able to solve problems.

This programme aims to educate qualified staff to work in the banking and insurance sector. For that reason our curriculum includes banking introduction and basic banking services, banking and insurance management, Turkish tax system, health, life and personal accident insurance accident insurance, crediting banking and credit evaluation of package, private investment banking and financial institutions. Graduates from our department can enroll in undergraduate programs via Graduate Transfer Exam at 4 -year banking and insurance departments and other departments such as Actuarial Science, Banking, Econometrics, Economics, Economics and Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Business Informatics, Finance, Logistics, Management, Accounting, Accounting Information Systems, Accounting and Financial Management, Accounting and Finance Education, Capital Markets, International Finance, Insurance, Insurance and risk Management.

Objectives of the Depertmant

The aim of Banking and Insurance Programme is to educate personnel who are able to follow the rapid changes in finance and insurance sector, to be able to know the new financial instruments developed in this area, the new banking and insurance products, new techniques of financial institutions, especially to recognize the finance and planning, and who have the ability of problem-solving and analytical thinking. This programme aims to train qualified personnel who are needed by the Banking and Insurance sector.

Entry Requirements and Depertmant Capacity

Programmes quota is determined by OSYM and it accordance with the relevant legislation YOK. As of yet, our capacity  extern 60 students.

Graduation Requirements

Students are required to complete all compulsory and optional courses in the curriculum successfully with no failing grades, including compulsory internship trainings this is totaly 30 days and to have a minimum CGPA requirement as stated in Pamukkale University’s associate program guide which is 2.30. Normal academic year 2 years and 4 semesters, for graduate students have to reaching 120 ECTS.

Business Facilities

Banking and Insurance Students who graduate from the program in all public and private banks, private financial institutions, insurance companies, capital market intermediaries and the like can be employed in institutions and organizations.

Course Content [Detail]

Programs DGS License Exam

  • Actuary,
  • Banking-Finance,
  • Banking-Insurance,
  • Econometry,
  • Economics-Finance,
  • Economics,
  • Business Administration,
  • Logistic Management,
  • Capital Market Auditing and Rating,
  • Insurance,
  • International Business,
  • International Trade