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Accounting And Tax Department

Presentation of the Department

Accounting program, Accounting could assume responsibility in the branch will provide training to educate employees

Objectives of the Depertmant

Private and public sector that could assume responsibility, or may open their own business purposes to educate staff

Entry Requirements and Depertmant Capacity

In accordance with the relevant legislation of the board of higher education program capacity is determined. Program capacity is 60 people.

Graduation Requirements

Our students with normal academic year 2 years / 4 semesters after the end of the course to fulfill the responsibilities of ECTS reaching 120 are eligible to graduate. 

Business Facilities

Students who complete the associate degree program with the accounting profession employee is given the title. Graduates ofthe accounting office may open in their name. Accounting offices, businesses in the accounting department, banking insurance and are able to work in the accounting field. Students who graduate from the program, as well as in business, there areentrepreneurs as well as employees.

Course Content [ Detail ]


Accounting departments of businesses and public institutions and organizations can do an internship in the accounting department. Internships, summer internships required of the students in the program time is 15 business days. 1st and 2nd grade students internship during the summer months as they can in 15 days, 30 days as at the end of Class 2 are capable of.