Students who graduate from this program, with a associate degree, have the title of Private Security and Protection, "Private Security Officer". If students successfully complete the associate training and   take enough note at DGS exam made by ÖSYM, they can apply to graduate programs in related to their departments.

Admission Requirements

Students must have a high school degree or must graduate from equivalent schools.Students who want  to study in this deparment must be  at least  1.75 cm height  for male students, female students must be at least 1.65 cm.Also  students are required to have state hospitals and the criminal record certificate.

Vertical Transfer Opportunities

Students who graduate from the program have right to switch bachelor degree in emergency and disaster management department, social services department by passing DGS exam made by ÖSYM.

Graduates from this program is very wide field of study areas. From this point, they can have  job opportunities in private security services in the areas of business centers, accommodation, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, museums, ceremonial places, public housing areas, airfields and ports and sea ports, subways, stations and terminals, industrial and commercial enterprises, including dams, power plants, refineries, power lines, radio link stations, video and audio transmitter stations, fuel transport, storage, loading facilities, river, lake and sea shores, forest areas, all kinds of sports competitions, stage shows also indoors and outdoors in which meetings are made.