Students who graduate from this program starts their career as a "Finance Personnel’’. Students who have as wide range of employment opportunities is given mainly economics, finance, public finance, accounting, financial law, tax law implemented program.

Finance Personnel who has completed associate degree in vocational education may apply to undergraduate faculty programs with the Vertical Jump test (DGS) made by ÖSYM. These programs are;


Banking and Finance

Banking and Insurance


Customs Management


Public Administration


Capital Markets

Capital Markets Audit and Rating


Insurance and Risk Management

Political Science

Political Science and Public Administration

International Finance

International Business

International Business and Trade

International Trade

International Trade and Finance

International Trade and Business

International Trade and Logistics

Employment opportunities for graduate students is quite large.Students can work finance professional staff in state-owned enterprises, local administrations, the Ministry of Finance with the central and provincial directorates of goods, the Tax Administration, the Social Security Agency, the State Planning Organization, the Customs Department and the budgets of other public institutions and income-related units. In addition,they can work in banks and private sector organizations or certified public accountants, public accountants and accounting office.