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Modern Languages Department


Modern Languages Department established upon to get into the act within Pamukkale University Foreign Languages High School with 58655 numbered written on date of 02.10.2014, has been established for the purpose of conducting and planning the Common Compulsory Courses, Occupational and Further Foreign Language courses studied in our university faculty and high schools.

Our Mission: To gain the basis foreign language information and ability to the students of the faculty and high school within Pamukkale University which they will need to improve their academic and social features and to express themselves in different environments. In this way; to provide foreign language education to our students receiving “common compulsory (service) foreign language courses and occupational and advanced foreign language courses” in the high school and faculty of our university and make a contribution to the learning period which shall continue lifelong; provide contribution to grow up as sensitive to country issues, following the written and visual materials, productive individuals who can express themselves.

Our Vision:  To be a leader and dynamic organization giving education to the students of our university in world class within the scope of internationally recognized Common European Framework of Reference. Accordingly, our vision is to be an entity giving foreign language education with competent academic staff, adopting the contemporary approaches, open to innovation, physical conditions and education materials at the top level.