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The Aim of the Program; 

The program is to train qualified personnel with necessary knowledge and skills in order to supply the Expert need in Organic Agriculture Sector that is rapidly developing in the world and our country. The aim of the program is to train the individuals who can apply the organic farming techniques consciously, who are knowledgeable and skillful, who can personally take part in the organic farming,and and give importance to the nature and human health and to bring these to the benefit of the society. Organic Farming Business Management Department aims to train entrepreneurs-agriculturalists who are aware of bio-safety and bio-diversity, who can work with scientific methods in organic agriculture area, provide healthy food and create opportunities to consume healthy food, who can adapt to new approaches in organic agriculture in the world and knowledgeable individuals on marketing, production and management. 

Title of Graduates;

Graduates of Organic Farming Program earn the right to receive a Bachelors Degree. The diploma will read as "Organic Farming Business" qualify. "Organic Farming Business Program bachelor’s degree earned".

Areas of Employment;

Graduates of the program work as experts in agricultural enterprises, in businesses in the relevant sector, in areas such as field. Nonetheless, they can also do these jobs individually.