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The Objectives of the Program;

Although foreign trade and logistics are different  fields they have very important relationships. Today international trade can only be carried out with modern logistics activities. Thus, experts in international trade also have to have logistics information. Therefore, it is a great advantage for our students to have international trade and logistics under the same departments. The goal of UBYO "International Trade and Logistics Department" is to train experts who are very knowledgeable in modern foreign trade and logistics fields and applications. Because of multiple numbers of elective courses in the departments students may concentrate on either field or major in both fields with adequate number of courses from each field at the same time. Moreover, as it is obvious that foreign language is essential in foreign trade and logistics foreign language learning is highly important to our department.

Title of Graduates;

Graduates of International Trade and Logistics Program earn the right to receive a Bachelor’s Degree. The diploma will read as “International Trade and Logistics bachelor’s degree earned". 


 Areas of Employment;

Today there are no private or public firms under the intense economic globalization that do not have contact with international trade and logistics. Therefore, UBYO "International Trade and Logistics Department" graduates have a large field of work options. Our graduates can work in foreign trade, finance, logistics departments of all companies as well as they can have a promising and respected career specifically in import- export companies and increasing number of logistics firms.  Because the four-year education degree in UBYO, " International Trade and Logistics Department " is equivalent to degrees other faculties and schools offer in economy, international trade, finance, banking and logistics, our graduates have the same opportunities of vocations and expertise these departments provide.