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The Objectives of the Program

Capital Market Program was established with the 21.12.2011 dated Pamukkale University Senate meeting. The aim of the program that includes law, economy, stock trading, banking, treasury and finance is to train personnel who are academically knowledgeable, able to provide the most accurate and profitable offers, able to manage portfolio and operational responsibility who can work in banks, intermediary firms, stock market, and universities.

Title of Graduates;

Graduates of Capital Market Program earn the right to receive a Bachelor’s Degree. The diploma will read as "Capital Market Expert", "Capital Market Program bachelor’s degree earned". 

Areas of Employment;

Graduates of the program work as investment advisor, portfolio manager in all financial institutions, banks, and  intermediary firms. They advise clients in banks and stock markets and manage portfolios. They can work in Istanbul Stock Exchange (İMKB), Capital Markets Board (SPK) and intermediary firms, related departments of banks and other financial institutions, and public institutions as the Central Bank, Treasury, State Planning Organization (DPT), and universities.