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    Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department

     Head of Department

    Assos. Prof. Dr. Nurten ÇEKAL

    Phone: 0 258 377 18 45-1310


    Assist. Prof. Dr. Onur GÖRKEM

    Phone: 0 258 377 18 45-1308


    Lect. Dr. Hande MUTLU ÖZTÜRK

    Phone: 0 258 377 18 45-1306


    Lect. Ümmühan BAYRAM

    Phone: 0 258 377 18 45-1304


    Ass. Res. Ezgi ASAR

    Phone:  0 258 377 18 45-1303


    Ass. Res. Burcu KOÇ

    Phone: 0 258 377 18 45-1303


    Ass. Res. Hatice GÜNDÜZ

    Phone:  0 258 377 18 45-1303


    General Information:

    The Department of Food and Beverage Management started training and education with the capacity of 40 students in the academic year of 2009-2010.

    The Aims of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Department  

    The aim of our department is to educate mid and high level manager candidates whom have got enough capacity and quality for the requirements of tourism sector and especially well-qualified accommodation companies and running these candidates into the sector.While forming bachelor's degree, it is aimed to train experts with the latest and fresh data about tourism politics that is based on the developments all over the world -including our country first, recent formations and applications.