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The Late Roman Agora

The western and southern porticos of the Late Roman Agora, located on the north of the Early Byzantine Fortification Walls, measure 4.5 m in width. The western portico placed with a north-southerly direction and reached via 6 steps through the Southern Entrance Gate 2 located on the Columned Street is bordered on the west with a north-southerly wall while it is bordered on the east by a row of columns. The superstructure is carried by these columns in the east while pedestals carried it on the west. The opus sectile flooring of the portico was made of onyx in three different types. There was a north-southerly sewerage system between the Western Portico and the Agora used to direct the rain and waste water out of the Agora.

The southern part of the Southern Portico was bordered by the Early Byzantine Fortification Wall, while the north was bordered by stepped seats. The seven rows of seats placed in the southwest of the Late Roman Agora was a theatron made asba place to rest for the visitors of the Agora. It is suggested that the Agora and porticoes were built in the late 4th century - early 5th century CE. 


East Portico of Late Roman Agora

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