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The stadium, where sporting events and cultural activities were held, was built on the northwest of the city, adapting to the topography. The lower parts of the stepped seats were filled with round pebbles and the seating area rested on the slope of the hill. The stadium measured 256 x 66 m and was placed in a north-south direction. A single semi-circular sphendone can be seen on the north of the stadium. The seats located on the western tribune can be partially seen on the surface, while the seats on the eastern side are mostly in ruins. The track part of the stadium has been covered with a 3 m thick fill. However, the seats on the southwest corner of the stadium and the orthostat blocks that formed the border between the seats and the track are still visible. This stadium was built in the Roman Period and it was left outside the city walls. 


View of the stadium from north


Orthostat blocs

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