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The Philadelphia Gate

It is the western one of the two main gates leading into the ancient city of Tripolis. According to the information gathered from the ancient written sources, the trade route from Pergamon (Bergama) passed through Thyateira (Akhisar), Sardeis (Salihli), Philadelphia (Alaşehir), Tripolis (Yenicekent) and continued towards Hierapolis (Pamukkale) and Laodikeia (Goncalı). When one continued westewards from Tripolis on this route, the road lead to Philadelphia, therefore the gate was named the Gate of Philadelphia.

The exterior of the pier of the gate was made of travertine blocks while the interior was filled with pieces of stone, brick and travertine. Only one of the piers survive to the present day with a height of 7.65 m and its restoration and conservation has already been done. The gate originally rose on 6 piers measuring 3.86 x 3.88 m with two arches on top. The architectural decorations on the stone block belonging to the arch found beside the surviving pier has indicated the 2nd century CE as the date of the gate. 


                     The Philadelphia Gate Status Before and After Restoration


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