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Nymphaeum (Orpheus Fountain)

The Nymphaeum that rises on a marble podium, was built on the crossroads between the Columned Steet and the Hierapolis Street by shaving the exterior of the travertine columns located on the crossroads. the inner measurements of the Nymphaeum, which was built after the Columned Street, are 2.1 x 5 m. The west and the north of the fountain is bordered with four onyx and white marble parapet blocks each. While the parapet blocks have not been preserved on the southern side, there are travertine blocks that survived on the eastern side. Water was carried from the reservoir located on the east of the Columned Street with terracotta pipes, it was then left to rest in the pool on the east of the fountain and then once again with terracotta pipes it was sent to the main pool in the center of the fountain. 


Nymphaeum and the Columned Street Before Restoration


Nymphaeum and the Columned Street After Restoration

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