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The Columned Street

  The Columned Street which runs in a north-southerly direction, located in the south of the city, is 450 m long. It has only partially been excavated and it has a width of 10 m. However, in the early 5th century CE, fortification walls were built on its north, thus bringing its width down to 7 m. It has a travertine flooring and on the street there are two gates opening to the city and one defense tower. The Early Byzantine Fortification Walls are located on its north and there is a 7.85 m wide portico on the south of the street. The flooring of the portico was made of multi-colored mosaics. However, only a small part of the mosaics has been preserved. On the north of the portico, there were 13 columns placed every two meters on a stylobat. Only 6 of these columns survive. It has been understood that the portico was covered with a wooden construction and roof tiles.

There were 6 rooms on the south of the Columned Street, running parallel to it in a east-westerly direction. The rooms were adjacent to one another and the entrances were on the south, with certain intervals between each door. The floors of the rooms were constructed with various materials such as terracotta floor tiles or travertine slabs. The first usage of these Early Byzantine shops go back to the Late Hellenistic Period. 


                                        The Columned Street

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