Vocational pan; In 2010, it was established to train qualified human resources and specific business sectors. Tavas Vocational School, 3 programs (Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Organic Agriculture, Occupational Health and Safety) began with the academic life. The pan Vocational School today, 5 program 2014-2015 (Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Organic Agriculture, Occupational Health and Safety [1 and 2 teaching], Child Development [1 and 2 teaching], Cookery [1. and 2 teaching]) and continues to academic life.  Tavas Vocational School, students nested learning sector, providing the possibility to easily find a job they do internships in different areas and graduation.

Our Mission

Tavas Vocational School as students, supporting the expectations of our technological and professional development of our employees and stakeholders is to continuously improving quality education. Our employees, our students' participation and awareness of team spirit, the duties and responsibilities of our quality management system requirements and perform basic tasks obeying the laws and regulations of our complete.

Our vision

Tavas as the Vocational School, an expert in the field, won capable of integrating with life in professional knowledge and skills, within the framework of Ataturk's principles and revolutions of assimilated individuals are growing responsibility, to spend on training their lives and to improve continuously, demand, our respected Vocational be objective.