Pamukkale University Sports Centre is a large-scale, multi-purpose, integrated sports complex, made according to international standards where sports competitions and sports training can take place.

The Fitness Center which has Total capacity of 18,000 m2 covered, 20,000 m2 of open space when taken into account is the country's largest indoor sports facility. 

PAU Sports Center has been built for a combination of 4 different purposes in an original concept. 


The first of the aims is to coach talented athletes as a result of a careful screening and to train high-level professional athletes, in the best national and international arenas. 


A second objective is to create a personnel unit in sports training, who will conduct academic research and applications in Coaching, Recreation and Physical Education and Sport Teaching Programs, located in the Sports Center School of Sports Science and Technology. 


 The facilities of PAU Sports Centre are also like a laboratory for students and teaching staff for training and research. there are 50 college lecturers who are experts in their field. Also, when needed, the facilities PAU Sports Centre are backed up by various other academic units in particular by the university's Faculty of Medicine. 

The third objective is the organization of activities such as regeneration of healthy living and sports for people of all ages. Designed as a science-based sports and life center, PAU Sports Centre, is open to the public as well as University staff and students and is expected to make significant contributions to the Denizli's social life and sport's development. 

Finally, the aim is to build an integrated rehabilitation environment with hospital facilities using physical therapy, sports for the disabled, nutrition and dietetics, and recreation programs. And to make the features of PAU Sports Center, in Turkey a center to look up to and admire.


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