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For the last 3 years Pamukkale University has been systematically supporting, scientific, social and cultural activities. Our purpose of supporting these scientific activities is to; create an environment where discussions and debates can take place, bringing together researchers, from the most senior teachers to the most junior students. To strengthen the reputation of the departments who organize the events and for the university to be visited and recognized by the world's leading scientists.

And the purpose of supporting the socio-cultural events is for our university students, employees and faculty members to gain a broader perspective of different cultures and artists, allowing way for a richer and broader way of thought, and the opportunity of living and working in a multicultural environment. As these events are open, to the public as well as university staff members, it has a significant influence in generating mingling and socializing between them.

The following table shows a summary of activities that took place in 2007-2008 and 2008-2009.




Our University consists of 10,250 square meters of enclosed space. The ground floor of the Congress and Culture Center has one multi-purpose hall with a capacity of 250-persons, and two with a capacity of 90 people each. It also has four class rooms each with a capacity of 40. And also a wide area available for fairs, exhibitions, and cocktail parties.

On the first floor, the Congress and Culture Center has a 616 person amphitheatre, a 60 person senate hall, a hall for 100 people and a cafe-break. The second floor consists of offices.

All buildings and halls have access to wireless internet. And are all provided with central heating, cooling and ventilation systems. The Senate lounge where private meetings can be requested is designed in an ultra-chic fashion.




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