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      About the Health Sciences Faculty

      Pamukkale University Health Sciences Faculty began education as Denizli Health School 1996. Basically the school gives nursing education. At 2015 Denizli School of Health was converted to Health Sciences Faculty in accordance with the decree published in The Official Journal no. 29458 on August 27, 2015 and no.2015/8052 with the decree of Council of Ministers. Our faculty started to education at 2015-2016 academic years. Now the Health sciences faculty continues the education with Nursing Department, in the future it is planned to open another departments.

      Teaching & Education

      Education language of Health Sciences Faculty is Turkish, now the faculty gives only baccalaureate nursing education comprised of 8 semesters. After completing the university procedures, the students are informed by orientation committee with an orientation program. The students of Nursing Department do their clinical practices with clinical instructors at fall and spring terms at university and state hospitals. Academic development of our faculty has a great importance in our school. When our students graduated we hope that the students have acquired the contemporary, open for improvement, lifelong learning and having desired professional and social ability. Alumni work as a clinic nurse in primary, secondary and tertiary health care centers, school health nurse, administrator or educator nurses. Our faculty continues to education with 756 undergraduate nursing students. Additionally we have education programs in master and doctorate degree on nursing.


      The faculty is located near the main entrance of university. The building is equipped with wireless (eduram) access to the University’s secure network. At the same time students and faculty visit the nearby university library for academic and scholarly resources. With numerous lecture halls and equipped professional skills labaratory the building opened in September of a 2015. The building have classrooms, amphitheaters, nursing faculty offices on the second and third floors, office of student services. The aim of professional skills labaratory is to ensure the experience of care giving with effective, efficient, adequate, appropriate, non- traumatic ways. The lab has patient simulation models, basic patient environment, tools related with nursing care. Also the lab always has a nurse in charge. The students can make an appointment with the nurse and can practice basic nursing skills. The lab is open from 8 am to 5 pm on weekdays. The school website, billboard, and The Pusula university system are used actively in order to establish healthy communication with students.

      Student life at Faculty of Health Sciences

      Our faculty students participate in sporting events which are regularly organized by our university. Our football team was 4th at university football tournament in 2015. The Nursing Science, Art, and Culture Community were established by our students in 2015. Community actively organizes events, collaborates with hospitals at the annual nursing week events, and at the same time help the adaption of international students. The events raise the faculty interactions with students. The events include breakfast meeting at the beginning of the academic year, critical movie screening and environmental trips. Also our students join nursing students’ congress with their oral or poster presentation. In this way they start their academic life.