To the attention of Lecturers

Updated Date: 14 January 2013, 3:44 PM

Attention Lecturers;

According to the provisions of the relevant legislations (PAU Bachelor's Degree (29/3) - Undergraduate Degree (26/3) Education Regulations) course instructors responsible of a class, must enter and publish students final exam grades within seven days after the exam (Faculty of Medicine, School of Foreign Languages and Institutes are an exception).

Final examination dates will be entered into the system by the student affairs staff of the relevant academic units. One week after the exam date, the entrance of information will be denied to the faculty staff responsible of entering the information about student’s exam results and the selection of students who are permitted to take the Make-up exam. For this reason, final exam grades must be entered and published within one week after the exam date.

To avoid the disruption of Make-up exams and so not to leave the students victimized, we offer our respects and are reminding our academic staff about the situation.

Department of Information Processing & Student Affairs.