The Quotas for the Spring Semester Erasmus Program (Erasmus Personel Eğitim Alma Hareketliliği) 2011-2012.

Updated Date: 06 February 2012, 8:16 PM

The results of additional quotas have been announced by the National Agency on the 30th of January 2012. On evaluation, PAU International Relations Coordinator has reserved 6 quotas for use by academic staff. For (Erasmus Personel Eğitim Alma Hareketliliği) for detailed information about this program and process go to

Due to limited resources and to enable a wider use, a maximum of one faculty member per Section / Department can be accepted also  priority will be given to those who have not  previously benefited from the program.  This decision is in accordance with the International Relations Committee.  Teaching staff who wish to benefit from the program must apply to the PAU Coordinator for International Relations by the 28th of February 2012, together with their approved training programs. 

Coordinator of International Relations

Rectorate Building, 1st Floor 


Tel: 90 258 296 2356