The documents required from candidates who have gotten into our university according to their KPSS results of 2012/2

Updated Date: 24 December 2012, 2:36 PM

1-Assignment Application Form (no-1)
2-Original or notarized copy of their graduation certificate.
3-6 passport size photographs (4.5 x 6 cm, which must have been taken within the last six months)
4-Military registration statement (if military service has been completed, the discharge certificate must be included if not done, the document which indicates that he is deferred.)
5- The internet print out stating  that they have been accepted into our university.
6-Original ID and the photocopy of ID.
7. Medical report with reference to the absence of a mental illness, which may prevent duty completion. On the condition that the provisions of the 53th  item  partaking in the 48/A-7 Article of the Civil Servants Law No. 7-657, &#8217  must be remain hidden; as required in the provision, he/she should not have a mental illness which may prevent his/her doing their duty.



With the required documents and letter of application (which can be found on the web
Page),  candidates who have been accepted into the our university, must apply in person to Pamukkale University, Directorate of the Department of Personnel in 15 days as from the 12th March  2012.


Letter of application: