Pamukkale University Entreprenurship Project

Pamukkale University Entrepreneurship Academy Project is supported by 1601 Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey to establish and carry out entreprenurship certificate program at universities under the title of Grant Programme aimed for increasing innovation and entreprenurship. In 2018 summer term, module programs for Pamukkale University students such as foundations of entreprenurship, business modeling, experience share, effective presentation, etc.  will be applied. Trainings will be given to academicians and MA students, students of Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Science and Letters, BA students of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences , associate degree and BA students in healthcare field, vocational technical sciences and social sciences in separate groups for each term.

You can register using the link below:

Işıl Baysal

PAU TTO Entreprenurship and Incorporation Representative

Muhammed Zaid Koç

PAU TTO University - Industry Cooperation Representative 

PUGA 2018 (Summer Term 1) Schedule

All of the Departments