International (Abroad) Student Applications Have Started

Deadline for applicants is May 25, 2018! It will end at 23:59 according to Turkey time.

The applicants who are eligible to be placed in any program do not have any preferences for the additional placement.  

Candidates who will make preference with their PAUYOS Examination result:

  • Candidates taking the PAUYÖS Exam will be able to make their preferences with their username and password that came in their e-mails during the application.
  • Candidates must get at least 40 points from the PAUYOS Exam in order to be able to apply.
  • Please click here for preference application and PAUYOS Exam Result:



Candidates who will apply with another type of Examination Result:

Required Documents for Application:

  • Passport or identity card
  • Notarized Turkish proof of learning document of high school or a similar level (For students who are about to graduate, education status certificate which they will take from their schools)
  • Detailed certificate of identity register copy for candidates with dual nationality
  • For Blue Card Holders Blue Card
  • For Turkish candidates who finished high school abroad, the document showing that the candidate completed high school education abroad
  • Exam result document
  • Click here for other exam types and preferences:

Important note:

  • Candidates who take the PAUYOS and get a score below than 40 points will be able to apply for preference with different valid exam scores.
  • Candidates have 5 choices.
  • Application procedures are made online through the internet site. Mail or cargo applications will not be assessed.

Additional placement will be done just for once.