PAÜSEM - Family Courses

Updated Date: 14 May 2013, 4:15 PM

Pamukkale University Continuous Education Center


Taking Care of My Family

-Communication Within The Family
- Problem-Solving
- Healthy Family
- Happy Family Happy Child
- Children's Education
- Family And Social Culture:
- Discrimination And Gender Stereotypes
- The Effect Of Gender Identity Development And The Role Of Parenting A Child
- Family Communication And Cultural Definitions


Marriage Preparation And Adjustment Program

- Family Life
- Partner Communication
- Healthy Marriage And Choice Of Spouse
- Problem Solving
- Continuing The Marriage 
- The Division Of Work And Gender Roles In The Family


Active Retirement

- Retirement Stress Management and Motivation of Life.
- Inter-Generational Communication
- Healthy Living And Health Problems In Retirement
- The Secrets Of Happiness In Retirement
- The Psychology Of Retirement

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Note: the course is available and free to all. Those who complete the course will be given a certificate.