Faculty Member Assessment Survey

Updated Date: 09 January 2012, 3:50 PM

Dear Students,

At the end of each semester, the effectiveness of teaching by our university teachers is assessed.  

 The main purposes of these evaluations are to take student perceptions of competence in to account while evaluating the university’s academic services. Existing problems and areas for improvement will be identified and the necessary actions will take place in order to improve the quality of education.

The most important factor in achieving this goal is for our dear students’ to assess the performance of the teaching staff in the most objective and sincere manner.  So please, while answering the survey be sincere, objective, and realistic in your answers.

According to your evaluation, teaching staff will have access to the following information:

- The average score achieved from the assessments of all the students (overall score, and education, planning and assessment and evaluation skills, relationships with students, classroom interaction and how involved the teacher is in supporting students’ cognitive and personal development)

- Their Averages form different classes,

- The averages belonging to the teaching staff’s main branch, department, academic unit and university
with the purpose of making comparisons with their own personal score.

Teaching staff will not be able to access the personal results of other faculty members, their branch, department averages. At the same time teaching staff will not be able to access individual student evaluations. If there are less than 25 students in a class, their assessment results cannot be seen by the instructor. Thus, teaching staff will only be able to see how they have been evaluated in general and will be able to see their strengths and weaknesses as an instructor, excluding the personal information of faculties, classes or students.

 Students on the other hand will have access to the averages in the department to which they belong, Academic Unit (Faculty and College) university.

Students can fill in the open-ended question which is located at the end of the questionnaire survey, If they think there are beneficial points to be made about  increasing the quality of education that have not previously been addressed.

Staff surveys which will enable you to provide objective feedback on their performance of the teaching will remain on the system between 29.12.2011 and 22.01.2012. Students, who do not fill in the survey during this time, will not be able to reach their examination results. The number of surveys have been reduced to 3, in order to reduce students the responsibility. However, students who wish to fill in more than the 3 required surveys may do so.

We thank you for the valuable information you will give us to help improve the quality of the services offered to you.