Critical Announcement

Within the scope of measures against coronavirus, 3 weeks of education have been suspended from Monday, March 16, 2020.

  1. Those over 60 years of age and those with chronic diseases, disabled and pregnant women will be considered administrative leave for 12 days. Other than that, when academic and administrative personnel submit their health reports to the person in which they are assigned to, the permission states will be evaluated by the relevant unit.
  2. All going abroad, including pre-planned academic and administrative staff, have been cancelled until further notice.
  3. Students who will go abroad; involved in academic exchange programs, training activities, social activities, cultural trips, sportive activities and competitions subject to the university's knowledge and permission, including those pre-planned, have been cancelled until further notice.
  4. Students who continue all health programs, internships at undergraduate level/Workplace Training/Term internships with science and engineering programs, interns and hands-on trainings, including Medicine and Dentistry, are also covered by this holiday. (Students who want to continue their workplace internships can continue their internships on demand.)
  5. All graduate students except medical and dentistry specialization students are covered by the holiday.
  6. It should be noted that our students who go abroad may have problems on their return from abroad, flights may be cancelled, they will not be able to continue training for at least 14 days when they return (do not leave the house in this process and do not come to the campus) and may experience other problems.
  7. Associate Professorship Oral examinations, which will be carried out due to difficulties that may occur in domestic travel, have also been postponed.