Announcement for Students Who Will Be Registered in Our University in 2017-2018 Academic Year

Pamukkale University

The e-registration (electronic)of the students who were placed in our university will be held between 11-16 August 2017. However, students who can not make e-registration or who will register in departments with special conditions, will be able to make a final registration from the registration offices of the University's Student Affairs Office (Rectorate Building) and related academic units (Faculty / School / Vocational School) on the determined day between 14-18 August 2017.

The registrations of the students who were placed in the vocational schools in town and the schools located in Üçler Campus (Faculty of Communication, Tourism Faculty, Denizli Social Sciences Vocational School) will be made in Student Affairs Office of the university (Rectorate Building) and the others will be registered in the registration offices of their academic departments (Faculty / School / Vocational School).

E-registered students will submit the required documents for registration to their related schools between 18-22 September 2017.