2017-2018 Student Exchange in the context of General Agreements

Updated Date: 30 May 2017, 3:22 PM



Applications for 2017-2018 academic year will be submitted to the International Relations Coordinator between 22nd May and 5th June 2017 with a petition, a document showing the foreign language score and a current transcript.

You can find a list of universities with bilateral agreements from the following link:


  • Grade average must be above 2.20 for undergraduate students and 2.50 for graduate students.
  • Assessments will be performed by calculating 50% of Foreign language examination score and 50% of academic average point.
  • The present language score is valid in the current agreements.


Note: There is no GRANT for student exchange in this program. Only tuition fees will be paid. For more information about the university you will be visiting, please see the relevant university web page.




Tel: 0258 296 34 46