2016 September Additional Course Approval Procedures have been Extended

Updated Date: 14 October 2016, 4:49 PM

2016 September Additional Course Approval Period covering three-week period 09/19/2016 to 09/10/2016, has been extended until 10.14.2016 23:59 due to the start of education on 19th September, recruitment and late start of academic program.

You can also make your retroactive approval process in September 2016 approval process.

Lecturers can follow the entry details of the course they are appointed on the Additional Course Confirmation page while Academic Program Entry Authorities can follow the course details in the related programs of the units they were authorized on the Academic Program Entry Page.

You can reach such details as the related course’s appointment, the number of the course weeks, and the time of the last entry made by which staff in the Academic Program detail column.

Note 1: You can control your own report with the help of “Pre-approval Schedule Control” before you approve your additional course(s). You can approve it if the course details in the report are correct. Dynamic calculation is made in the report. Please do not forget to approve it after you control the schedule.

Note 2: Timetable of all courses whose course appointment has been completed has to be recorded.

Note 3: Additional courses can not be approved without Education Guide.
Note 4: A guide was prepared for the solution of the problems encountered during the approval period of additional courses. The related guide was added to the Additional Course confirmation page for lecturers and to the Individual Additional Course Timetable report page for accrues officials. Information Technology Department can provide solutions for the parts of technical and software errors in information systems. It is important to contact the units pointed out in the guide to solve the administrative and process-based problems faster.

The lecturers who have completed their 2016 September Additional Course Approval but whose timetable and appointment are incomplete may remove the trustee of the academic unit where they are apppinted as academic staff.