2013-2014 Academic Year Mevlana Exchange Program

Updated Date: 14 May 2013, 3:23 PM

2013-2014 Academic Year Mevlana Exchange Program  

International Relationship Coordinatorship



To the attention of the students and academic staff who want to take advantage of the Mevlana Exchange Program:

The application periods for the Mevlana Exchange Program has been extended by the head of the Higher Education Authority.

The last application date to hand in required documents is between the 14th -17th of May, 2013 to International Relationship Coordinator:

Those who haven’t a foreign language certificate must sit the exam on the 11th of May 2013.

Application evaluations will take place between the 20th-29th May.     

The announcement of the evaluation results: June 5 2013



*The student must be a student of an associate degree, undergraduate or postgraduate program, which is registered in higher education programs giving formal education.

*General academic averages of the associate degree and undergraduate students must be at least 2, 5(two and a half) on the scale of 4.

* General academic averages of the post graduate and doctorate students must be at least 3(three) on the scale of 4.

*%50 Language Point +   %50 Grade Point Averages.

*Those who are students in the first class of associate degree and undergraduate programs and who post graduate are and doctorate students in the preparatory and scientific period cannot take advantage of this program for the first half of the year when they start the fundamental education.

*Students can take the advantage of the Mevlana Exchange Program for at least one half-year and maximal two half-years.

˚ The Mevlana Exchange Program’s activity time of the lecturers must be at least one week and a maximum  of 3 months that will take place only once.

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