Pamukkale Üniversity Department of Economics

      Economics is the study of how individuals, businesses, and governments choose to allocate resources to best satisfy their objectives. The study of economics serves a number of purposes: it helps students to understand the functioning of markets, of firms, and of financial organizations; it helps students to understand public debate about economic policy, including taxation and government expenditure, trade and globalization, health and welfare; it prepares students for graduate study in fields like business and law; and it prepares students for graduate study leading to careers in teaching and research in economic; and it serves as a direct steppingstone towards employment in business, finance, non-profit organizations, and government organizations.

      The department's purposes are to acquaint students with the economic aspects of modern society, to familiarize them with techniques for the analysis of contemporary economic problems and to develop in them an ability to exercise judgment in evaluating public policy. There is training for the general student as well as for those who plan careers as economists in civil service, private enterprise, teaching, or research.