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Dear youth, 

Attending a university is one of the most important turning points in your lives. You have taken a very hard exam. You have learned the results. Choosing a profession is one of the decisions which will affect the rest of your lives. In order to help you, I would like to introduce our university for you. Our vocational college started in the education period 2000-2001 being a part of Pamukkale University. Now, we have 3500 registered students to our school. In the educational period 2014-2015, there are many departments in our college such as:

  • Business Administration
  • Accounting andTax applications
  • Marketing
  • Foreign trade
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Office Management and Secretarial Department
  • Public relations and promotion
  • Securities and Capital Market program
  • Logistics
  • Occupational Health and Safety

All these programs provide regular and secondary education programs (Marketing program only provides regular education). We welcome 1340 students in the new educational period. There are many choices for you. Vocational colleges will prepare you for the future, providing new job opportunities .Certainly , there are many reasons to choose a college. Thus, I will mention about the strengths of Honaz Vocational College, which will contribute to your development.


Let’s begin with Honaz first. Honaz got its name from Honaz Mountain, which is the roof of Aegean Region. It is just near the national park with its gren surface and beautiful streams, growing the best cherries, serving all the things with a great hospitality. It is near the industrial zone with over 160 factories and 20000 employees which is located in Honaz. While our students are taking the theoretical practice , they will also have a chance to practice in the Industrial zone and get a good job after they graduate.


We have agreements with Italy, Slovenia, Czhec Republic and France in terms of ERASMUS Program, so the students with foreign language knowledge will have a chance to attend a college abroad in one of the countries of European Union. So, the students having all these characteristics can benefit from this opportunity.

Our students have an opportunity to get one or two semester education free in these countries below and get a scholarship of Erasmus.

Gea College/ Slovenia

  • Saxion Hogescholen/Holland
  • Universite Degli Studi Di Parma / Italy
  • Universite De Cergy Pontoise / France
  • Obchodni Academie / Czhec Republic

The opportunity of Vocational Training for a semester which increases the chance of getting a job in private sector (3 semester courses +1 semester training)

From the beginning of 2014-2015 education year, the students attending the Foreign Trade , Logistics, Marketing and Business Administration departments will have an experience of training in addition to taking courses for 3 semesters. Some of the training programs include the guarantee of employment.


Honaz is the nearest town to Denizli. The campus is just 14 kms if you follow the new road. If you follow the long route it takes 24 kms. The minibuses are available every 15 minutes until 24.00 . Moreover, it only takes 15 minutes to get to the city centre following the shorter route. Although public transportation hasn’t started yet, studies are going on.


We are increasing the quality of education and teaching every day. 85% of our academic staff has a private sector experience. We are getting support from the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences in certain areas so that our students have varios points of views. Moreover, we are among limited number of vocational colleges having the document of  ISO-9001:2008, which is a document of Quality Administration System in February 2011.  We also measure the pleasure level of our students and workers and we renew ourselves within an ongoing  process philosophy.


We present our students some leisure activities during the year such as theatre, poem listening, concerts and exhibitions. Our students can have some courses such as music, sports, art, drama and traditional dancing. Our students can also benefit from Honaz Closed Sports area and also the sports fields in the garden of our school. İncluding table tenis, step, basketball and volleyball areas. Our school has been represented by the teams of basketball, volleyball, football and traditional dancing in the activities in or out of school. If the students have very specific abilities, they also have a chance to perform them. 


In addition to the central library at the campus, there is another library in our college, too.  There are 2600 contemporary books related to your subjects.  Weekly magazines of economics and business administration are also available in our library. There are 3 computer laboratories and you can connect to the internet through them. There is also wi-fi within the school building.


There is a collaboration between Honaz Public Education Management and our school. Thus, there are English, Sign Language, Computer Operations,Speaking Well and Diction and Drama courses.  Nearly 800 of our students are registered to these courses of Public Education Management. We make our students meet with leading career experts and businessmen in Denizli and Turkey. These experts and businessmen tell our students what they expect from the graduates. We also have some seminers of time management and human relations. We aim to develop your abilities increasing the social activities throughout the year.  


Honaz Vocational College is the first vocational college to follow its graduates in the work life founding the graduate following system. To what extend our graduates are employed, their participation in the labor , the rates of employment and unemployment, whether there is a relationship between the work they do and their department are assessed regularly. It has been seen that %64 of our graduates have been employed in the first six months after their graduation accordlng to last year’s study. This rate seems quite high when compared to results in Turkey in general.

Or goal is to prepare our students as individauls having self esteem for the future in the frame of development with the philosophy of lifelong learning .

We invite you to get education in Honaz Vocational College.

Hope to meet you in the education period of 2014-2015 in HONAZ.


      Prof. Dr. Oğuz KARADENİZ
           Pamukkale University
Director of Honaz Vocational College