Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology



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As a part of the Bologna Process, graduates of the program are expected:


  • To modify educational settings to support higher level learning for all students by taking into account the individual, social and cultural differences, personal interests and needs that may influence learning.

  • To develop educational softwares in a variety of delivery formats.

  • To produce softwares that support the educational needs by using programming languages.

  • To install various operating systems and use them for a particular purpose.

  • To create advance Office solutions.

  • To produce database applications for educational needs.

  • To read educational technology research, theory and practice literature and apply developments in educational technology to instructional settings.

  • To use educational technologies effectively to support teachers of other disciplines

  • To establish shared learning systems that are connected to one other.

  • To determine technology-based tools in accordance with the instructional needs.

  • To acquire professional foreign language skills as required.

  • To share information on technology for the benefit of community.

  • To assess the progress and learning of the students by using the appropriate measurement and evaluation techniques.

  • To acquire problem solving skills.

  • To adhere to legislation and professional ethic principles.

  • To build and promote effective relationships with colleagues in a variety of fields.

  • To develop interactive instructional softwares on the web.